Why Are We Building SayQuick (for you)?

Last week we launched a limited private beta program to 100 people and the response has been AMAZING.

We built SayQuick with the goal of giving websites a tool to easily capture and deliver their visitors’ voice to them.

We see ourselves as delivering a human voice for websites.

Our minimal viable product (MVP) is being chipped and molded by the copious amounts of feedback we are receiving around the clock.

So . . . why are we building SayQuick? 

We fundamentally believe that mobile has become the main gateway to the internet.    And that companies and people that do business on the web will need to successfully grab a visitor’s attention.  Sites will need to capture that initial and brief moment between them and their audience to get ahead of the curve.

So with this proposition, we spoke with numerous people:  podcasters, radio station owners, personal coaches, educators, lawyers, bloggers, and other businesses that use their websites to engage their users and customers.

And consistently everyone has told us that they want a simple way to engage their visitors on a more human level.  Sites want to give visitors the opportunity to “speak” to them.  Reading written comments is insufficient for many businesses.  This is especially true in a mobile age where it is much easier for a site visitor to leave a 90 second voice message instead of typing out a series of sentences or paragraphs through their smartphone.

SayQuick aims at capturing that critical moment when a site visitor wants to engage with the website but doesn’t have the time to jump on a call or doesn’t want to spend time typing out a message.  And for many businesses like podcasts and radio stations, having access to their visitors’ voice is inextricably tied to their business model.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in the works:

A customizable and easy-to-use module for your visitors to leave you a voice message:

SayQuick voicemail recorder



A simple-to-use inbox to listen to and manage your messages:





And a simple way to customize the color and message of your voicemail widget:


customize me


Are you ready?!  I know we are.

Stay tuned for our next announcement as we head closer to public launch!


Thank you for your continuous support,

Steve, Anthony, Manilyn, Vadim and John

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